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Easily grow and scale your business with our talents

We help busy entrepreneurs like you find the right talents while providing the framework for optimal team performance and business growth with coachings and courses.
Get more free time, grow faster, and make more profit.

Dedicated Virtual Talent

You will have your own virtual assistant that will work exclusively for you.

Free coaching & training programs

You will get the knowledge you need in order to have a high-performing company.

Years of Experience

We will match you with our virtual talent with years of relevant experience

Don't have enough leads, clients, time or profit?

You need a VA Talent. Grow your business with us!

work smarter

Hiring without the best advanced knowledge on employee and company performance means flushing money down the toilet. 95% of all companies in the world have 20-45% of the potential output and results instead of the complete 100% they could get with the knowledge on the subject. We give you the knowledge and talents to thrive.

More time for the important things

Offload tasks successfully

Compound time savings into success


Get your life and business back.
Do what you love & Do best and outsource the rest

Trying to do everything yourself isn’t the way to run a business. Focus on your most vital work, not on time-sucking assignments and schedule. Envision having a reliable go-to individual for each requirement in your industry. You don’t have to imagine it. We have multi-talented and specialized virtual assistants trained and ready to grow your business and free up your time. Whether you have a more significant business or a one-person team, we can provide you with the best virtual assistant for as low as $7.50 per hour.
Do what you adore, and we will do the rest!

Free Coaching and Training

We figure out your exact needs and build a custom-designed training program around that to make your VA the best of the best. Your new teammate will even get bi-monthly further training so that they will always be able to support you. Your new talent will also get bi-monthly new training so that his/her skills are always up to date and matching the responsibilities and requirements perfectly.


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Years of Experience

Do not try to figure out everything yourself, and let us guide you in the steps from hiring to managing. We will help you at every stage of the road. With the newest hiring tactics and tricks, we will make sure we match your needs’ perfect person. We make sure they have the right mentality, train them, help manage them, and support you. Don’t worry about anything. We got you covered.


You’ll be in great company.​​

From online stores and offices to coaches, agencies, nearby businesses, counseling firms, and much more choose VA TALENTS to get the best talents out there and help them grow their company exponentially.

How it works

A Simple 3-Step Process

Book a Call

We will figure out your business needs and we will see if you are the right fit for our talents.​


We train the best VA with a custom-designed training program based on your needs. So that they can become the best of the best.​

VA Starts

Our talent will start working together with you and we will provide assistance and frameworks.

Still doing it yourself?

Do what you cherish and your talent will do everything else!

Make your site stand out from the rest. Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and more – design, construct, customizations, and upkeep.

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Our VA Talents can construct, plan, and optimize a great converting funnel or a landing page for your business utilizing ClickFunnels, LeadPages & others. Make more money with what you already have.


What’s working and what’s not? Thanks to our credentials and a long period of experience, your assistant already understands. Saving time and money and let your partner help you sell your company online.


We know what it takes to make an outstanding video and sound! Videos from YouTube, Podcast shows, Lives on Facebook, Instagram Posts.


Not a Pro at Photoshop? Your VA TALENT will also help you with this, from business cards, logos, flyers to product shots, social media, and website graphics.​


We will take our time to support you, from studying, producing, organizing posts to running and managing groups, or paid advertising campaigns!​


The world-wide-web could be that complicated. We know the shortcuts, and we’ve got a torch. Our VA TALENTS are experts in locating, collecting and arranging data into a report that is easy to understand.


Your VA TALENT will help you create momentum for your company by connecting and educating qualified prospects on LinkedIn, sending tailored cold emails to get more leads from your web.


Your business could be a large part of your life. It is not your life, however. Let us assist with the tasks, your brand, answering emails, looking for your company’s best offers all the time. If you can do it, we can do it.

Why work with us? choose VA TALENTS?

All other job boards and virtual agencies give you the workers to help you out. Still, without the proper knowledge in management, culture-building, and employee productivity, you can never create a high-performing company. They are only giving you one piece of the puzzle of building a great company, and most workers will be somewhere around 20-40% of potential output and effectiveness. We are giving you talented people WITH knowledge in management, culture-building, and employee productivity so that you can finally create a performing team and company.

We do the training

Save thousands every month by lowering employee cost and achieving better results.​

We do the culture-building

We do the payroll

We help you grow your business with coaching and training programs based on your needs.

Years of experience with managing, hiring, scaling, and growing.

We do the hiring

There is a team behind your VA that helps with questions so you won't get disturbed.

Free coaching

Our clients say

"Thanks VA Talents for introducing me to the wonderful Layla! I'm working in the coaching and services industry, and Layla helps me out with every single thing in my business. The coaching it was good and we were able to implement some lead generation systems because of Roy's help!"
"Honestly it's been absolutely invaluable, I've been able to generate way more leads from it. The coaching that I've got has been second to none... I have just seen the business grow from strength to strength."
"The thing that I liked most was the help with the coaching calls and the guidance they gave me in scaling ang managing my company. He really helped me with maximizing the performance of every VA and the company in general."

Easy, budget-friendly pricing

Your VA TALENT will be there to build with you, whether you are a company of 1 or 100 workers, providing you with the support you need at every level.


Economy (10 hours a week)
12 usd per hour


Business ( 20 hours a week)
11,25 USD per hour


Growth (40 hours a week)
9,75 USD per hour

va Talents

VA TALENTS will make your life and company better. Companies worldwide trust us with helping them grow exponentially and getting them the best virtual talent that suits their business. Good people are the most critical assets of your business. Don’t worry about: payroll, culture, pieces of training, HR stuff, and a LOT more!

You will get the frameworks and tools you need to spike your new employee and current team’s performance and effectiveness. Besides that, you will get coaching from the 7+ figure CEO of VA Talents that can help you with all sorts of things from lead generation to business scaling and much more. This is ALL included in the hourly rate of our unique talents.