VA Talents

Discover the 4 keys to our never seen before and unique framework that can scale any coaching, consulting, or agency business to 7 figures extremely fast...

…Without paid ads, posting content, or doing outreach yourself

I want a cash producing machine

We plug in our golden sales setup in order for you to lay back and print cash.

Are you tired of not knowing where that next lead is coming from, or you just don’t have enough leads to scale your business past that barrier? Consider it as solved for once and forever…

When we help you dial in your offer, messaging, and targetting we will plug in our golden sales setup that will allow you to generate new appointments like clockwork. And the beauty of it all, you don’t have to lift a finger to get them!

It’s a proven setup that will allow us to reach 1000+ of your ideal clients a day with an appointment booking rate of 1-3%. This means you instantly get the qualified appointments you need in order to scale your business to the levels you were always dreaming of.

The struggle is over, let’s dream with our eyes open.

Unfortunately, we can’t scale poop.

So, the golden sales setup is the way to go, but there is a catch here… If you have a shitty offer together with shitty messaging, and we plug in our golden sales setup, we only get a bigger pile of shit! And that’s nobody’s business (I hope?).

So, in order to scale effectively, we will analyse your whole business with our proven formula. We will together dial in your offer, messaging and targets (if it’s not dialed in yet) so that it is an in-demand and scalable offer that people will feel stupid saying no too.

And if that is achieved together with our proven templates and formulas… then it’s time to turn on the golden sales setup AKA the appointment beast!

But wait… who is actually controlling that appointment beast?! 😱

No worries… this beast is on your side! So luckily, we have certified lead gen specialists that can control the appointment beast so that it won’t get out of its cage!

So, this actually means included in the golden sales setup we will have a certified lead gen specialist that has gone through immense training with the top notch knowledge in the industry regarding b2b lead generation and everything that comes along with it (sales, copywriting, offer creation, social lead gen and so much more… ).

We even rewire their brain to be the best of the best…. you might think, WHATT? Rewiring their brain?? It might sound crazy, but it’s actually true. We boost their confidence levels, get rid of limiting beliefs, and prepare them COMPLETELY to be the best of the best in steering the appointment beast and helping you win together with us.

When you want next-level results, you need to do next-level things!

So many appointments but not enough time!? Oh no.. do we need to stop the appointment beast?

Because we know our program works, we also know that you will be bombarded with new clients and so also new fulfillment… luckily, we are prepared for this already.

If you don’t have a proper back-end system in place you will trade your time for money and then it’s not fun anymore. You want your business to deliver results and work on autopilot without you being involved in the process.

Scaling our business to 45 virtual employees has learned us a lot and all the automation, systems, and proven team building principles will be transferred to you! 

So we will help you out with automating that back-end, putting the right people in the right spots, and levering proven team-building systems, tools, and tricks in order to really get that business that runs without you.