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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions. 

VA TALENTS is for you if you feel like you are trapped on a grind in your business!

Our framework is built for entrepreneurs, owners of businesses, and busy individuals who require online help for their business operations.


It is essential to know at this price range that there are certain restrictions on what you are going to use our service for:


There are no limits, so there will be a connection for your assistant to call on the internet, Skype, etc.


We can almost deliver VAs for all general tasks, marketing activities, creative tasks, and other tasks. We are not a fit for people who need VAs to hire in person and work in your company office. We only offer online services.


VA TALENTS has developed an impressive network of highly trained assistants to help you develop your company faster and help you with items like graphic and website design, video and podcast editing, internet analysis, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social networking, advertisement, marketing, lead generation, and other technological, innovative and marketing activities.


Please understand, though, that we are not a done-for-you company. You have to provide your assistant with a follow-up process, actionable and straightforward guidance, and everything they want to take on the job for you.


If you are unable to have sufficient directions for a project, it will be rejected. Again the assistant may hesitate to perform a task if it is not suitable for the service or if the customer fails to give specific and actionable guidance for the job.


Projects that are not suitable for: writing, admin or secretarial work, including e-mail, meetings and schedule management, personal assistance such as shopping, travel analysis and other non-business related tasks, tasks that are deemed to be done-for-your-service, jobs that are without actionable and straightforward orders.


Done-for-you task: a complete service is a complete solution with little direction from you. Ex: You don’t know how—you’re asking someone else to do it for you. Projects of this kind would not be approved. In that particular field, it is a better match for an organization or a specialist.


Tasks that fit: FOLLOW the method with virtual assistants, necessary operating procedure, guidance for you to TAKE On the job to save you time. In order to explain things to your assistant, you need to know what has to be done and how it can be done. Ex: You know how to do it, you can describe the procedure quickly, but you don’t have time to do it. You get a virtual assistant.


We also discovered that when clients know just what they need assistance with and have a workflow to assign duties to an assistant (SOPs-Standard Operating Procedure), our assistants’ most effective use arises. Your assistant will undoubtedly support and educate you on how to give guidance properly.

We have people all around the world, and the wages are different in each country. We can find highly skilled people at an affordable price. The best skilled and educated people from other countries will be able to work for you, which means saving thousands of dollars each month. Pay less and get even more results!

It is all up to you. We will guide you on what platform you will use, but we have some recommendations if you need one, like using ClickUp, Slack, Skype, Zoom, etc., depending on your business.

Your assistant will be able to provide you with all that an online company requires (by following the directions for completing assignments, we are not a done-for-you agency and can not help you if you are unable to provide specific guidelines for your assistant to follow to accomplish your task).

Your assistant has been through comprehensive preparation and has years of experience helping business owners develop and will be able to quickly learn every platform you need to use for your organization to offer guidance to help you reach your goals faster.

Note: VA TALENTS is not a done-for-you agency. Virtual assistants can only consider assignments with actionable and straightforward orders to obey and take on the job for you.

How much your assistant will learn from you is not limited. As you go along, the VA TALENTS will still acquire new abilities unique to your company and workflow. Chat about your requirements and desires with your assistant.

Do you want to make sure that an assistant from VA TALENTS is right for your company? To speak with our Customer Success Team, give us an email at support@vatalents.com or click the “Schedule a Call” button.

We have intensive coaching and training program where we get our VA skilled and trained and immediately check if the culture when they get hired is fit and ready for the company. Each VA TALENT has a minimum experience of 2 years in their respective area.

VA TALENTS makes it easy!

The first thing to do: you will book a call with us by clicking the “Click Here to Schedule a Call” we will evaluate your need, then we will schedule another call to discover more of your need your personality, mapping out the responsibilities, requirements, roles so we can pair you with a compatible VA TALENT from our system.

To help you get things done, we are straightforward and open.

We offer monthly payment for the hours that we deliver. And it is renewable every month with the same subscription unless you want to change the volume of work and upgrade or downgrade your plan/subscription.

Yes Yes!

You are going to get your assistant to work on all of your assignments. There’s nothing outsourced.

And as soon as reasonably possible.

We will make sure that the VAs does the work well and effectively so that the VA gets to resolve what you want. Most of the time, you can plan your tasks, set KPIs, and make sure there’s good instruction on how to do the tasks; then, it will finish even faster. If any tasks were not properly explained, we have a team ready to help your VA understand and do the job for you.

We learned that before assigning a deadline, the easiest way to get all the tasks completed efficiently and reliably is to ensure that all instructions are clear and all the details required to accomplish a task have been supplied.

TimeDoctor is tracked just like at the Operating Room – Everything is calculated. When he opens the job, your VA TALENT begins the timer and ends it until he’s no longer working on your tasks. To better predict your monthly use inside your dashboard, you will have a simple and easy to understand report. In the Use Monitoring task, the link to your report is easily accessible inside your project. In an easy to read table, the report presents your latest schedule, your period renewal date, as well as regular activity on your account.

Of course!

You can always ask for access to your VA TALENT with your preferred communication platform, ClickUp, or Slack.

If in a given month you happen to surpass your package utilization or require less assistance next month, email us or chat to your assistant and we will attempt to downgrade or upgrade your plan early.

There’s no problem at all!

Give us a note, and we will try to find you the right replacement as soon as possible (if the problem is with the assistant) or terminate your account at the end of the current period if you consider that your assistant might not be the ideal match with your business needs or doesn’t fit in with your business culture.

All around the world.

It is simple and quick.

At VA Skills, there are no contracts. To help the company expand, just competitive monthly rates and the most qualified assistants.

You can cancel your monthly membership instantly and conveniently by emailing us at support@vatalents.com or by messaging us with at least 1 day notice using the chat widget PRIOR to your billing date.
If your membership period begins on the 10th of each month and you email us on the 10th, at the next payment date (10th of the next month), your membership will be cancelled and you will not be paid again.
Unfortunately, owing to the fact that your assistant is entirely charged on the billing day, we do not process refunds for unused days even whether you have failed to revoke your membership. On such a brief note, we will not reassign your assistant to another client. Please properly schedule your use.

Yes and no.

Just schedule us a call, and we will explain everything to you.


Just a click away!

If you have questions, you can schedule a call with us to answer your queries.


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