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Would you rather jump into a freezing cold pool of water while listening to Nickelback on full blast? 🏊 Do you have business activities that you hate doing too much? Let us get them done for you! Get your VA TALENTS, get back your life, and celebrate a victory. 🎉

You can be assisted by your VA TALENTS with:

We will help you if you don’t like doing these assignments or would like someone else to do them.

“You will love it!”

“Imagine only doing what you love, isn’t it why you started your business? When I got my own Vasumo assistant I couldn’t believe how much I could do in a day. Nor will you!”

Brandon Epstein

CEO, Jump Rope Dudes


Tony Tovay

CEO, Local Reach Pros


Your days of "trying desperately to do everything yourself" are over.

Here are few examples of the roles that would be educated and learned by your VA TALENTS. Do not hesitate to email us if you need assistance with anything that is not mentioned below, and we will make sure that you get a great assistant to suit your personal needs.

Websites, Landing Pages, Funnels

WordPress design & customization

Landing pages design & integrations

ClickFunnels design & optimization

Theme & plugin installation & customization

Website maintenance & audit

Hosting, domain, email configuration

Website migrations and backups

Speed & conversion optimizations

Analytics & pixels setup

S.E.O. audit and optimization

Third party integrations

Membership sites

Email & exit intent popups

HTML/CSS fixes & customizations

Blog post design & publishing

Ecommerce store setup & management

Graphic Design, Video & Audio Editing

Business cards & flyers

Graphics for blogs & social media posts

Banners & ads design

Photoshop editing

Design & product mockups

Website graphics

YouTube & podcast covers

Logo design & branding

Video & audio editing

Envato templates editing & customizations

Premiere, Final Cut & After Effects

Adding intros, outros, music, sounds

Marketing, Social Media, Advertising

Pixels and remarketing

Campaign management

Business audit and advice

Search engine optimization

Social media posts

Community & group management

Conversions tracking & optimization

Email list growth

Email marketing campaigns & autoresponders

Headlines, landing, ads copywriting

Landing pages and funnels

Competition research & spying

Analytics and reporting

Prospecting & lead generation

Keyword and targeting research

Social media mentions monitoring

Other Business Tasks

If you can do it – we can do it

Customer support

Answering email with templated replies

Online research

Data gathering, organizing, reporting

Cold email outreach

LinkedIn prospecting

Audio transcription

Powerpoint presentations

Marketing advice

Product research

and more…just ask!

Have you got a concern about your unique company needs? Let us in touch!

The activities listed here are just a glimpse of what you can achieve with your VA TALENTS. To help you reach your company and life goals quicker, we have created an awesome team.

Please note: VA TALENTS is not a marketing agency or a done-for-you service. To complete assigned duties, assistants will follow your orders and workflow.

“Built for growing businesses!”

“You grow with your Vasumo assistant, and their skills and experience you didn’t know would be useful are ready when you are.”


Career & Business Coach



CEO, Marketing Agency


Best Trained Assistants

We invest over three months and $10,000 on each individual employee to vet, hire and prepare. To support you do all your company wants, you get a highly professional and qualified assistant. Do what you love and all the rest of us will do!

See how VA TALENTS compares:

With a single focus, VA TALENTS was established to help you accomplish your goals faster. We are built to expand with you, whether you are a company of 1 or 100 employees, offering the support you need at any level. This at rates that are honest and equitable.

The others

For less, you shouldn’t have to spend extra. No more pricey agencies, incompetent freelancers or assistants from abroad.


The support that you need to expand your organization faster. No reasons anymore. You are ready to go and take on the universe now.

There is nothing like true love

Meet your peers who have prospered.
We have been working with Bryan via VASUMO for a while, over a year now. I have to say that when we decided to retain a VA, we didn’t have a clear plan of what type of projects and tasks we could assign but there has never been a time we have assigned a task or asked for help and he didn’t know the answer or follow through. Bryan has proven to make us more efficient and helped to complete tasks that would normally get pushed aside. Bryan has made the communication seamless and easy. We appreciate our VA and Vasumo more than we had expected.
Ken C.
Owner & CEO
OH MY GOD!!! You are literally making my dreams come true right now. This is FANTASTIC. So much love for Vasumo and you! Love my assistant, very very simple to get started, so many tasks I get help with, aaaand the best support! LOOOOVE it.
Jeff D.
Serial Entrepreneur
Once I wrapped my head around the power of giving up routine tasks, and establishing systems, my Vasumo assistant saves a ton of time and money!
Michael C.
The Dealer Playbook
Researched a zillion VA services, and then heard great things about Vasumo from other entrepreneurs. Ease of communication and insights into what my assistant is working on for me each day is what I love the most about Vasumo. I give them 10 out of 10!
Marketing Expert

Your “frantically attempting to do everything yourself” days are over. 👏 It only takes 27 seconds to get the assistance you need!

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